Based on deep understanding of phylogeny of human science and civilization, and complying with law of civilization development, conforming to the call of the time, taking the opportunity of the publishing of the English writing of “Come up to the Great Guru”, Master PAN Lin, the famous Lifeologist, officially announced the birth of Lifeology in 2010. The exclusive English word of Lifeology is created for it.

The new word of Lifeology is created with combination of “Life” and “ology” (English word etyma, which means knowledge).

★ Definition of “Life” in Lifeology

Definition of “Life” in Orientalism: The exiting subject for Consciousness is called life. Or the Consciousness for exiting subject is called Life.

Life is Consciousness. The Consciousness is Life. The human body is not the life (Consciousness) itself, but the carrier and display device for life (Consciousness).

The definition of “Life” is totally different between the Westerner and the Easterner.

The Westerner defines Life as the living body. There are several key words in the definition. First, body; secondly, living. That is the living body is called Life. If the body is not active anymore, that means it is dead, and there will be no life. The Westerner uses the body with or without life as the reference standard.

【Definition of Lifeology】

Lifeology is one of the sciences which focuses on exploring human being’s (meanwhile, including all the living things) structure of mind and body and exiting attributes, and through relative practice to approach fully liberation (that is to obtain ultimate Enlightenment and to realize inner freedom completely), and form the life philosophy of morality, value system, view of life, religious view, aesthetic standard, cosmology and outlook on life and so on based on this, as well as relative subject system and Science group of Life Medicine, Life Potential Science, the subject of health preservation, Life Aesthetic, Life Education, Philosophy of Life, and Bioethics of Life, etc.

【The Significance of Lifeology】

First, the birth of Lifeology provided one brand-new view consciously of explanation for Oriental Civilization – the angle of life. There are multiple angles to approach into traditional culture. The birth of Lifeology delivered a totally novel angle for us to step into traditional culture and to understand traditional learning. It is one golden key for opening the gate for traditional culture. The problem of difficult to understand the concept and terms of Oriental Civilization is readily solved from the point of Lifeology to know Oriental Civilization with the Representative of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoist.

Secondly, the proposal of Lifeology manifests and defends the culture confidence of Oriental Civilization. Starting from the eastward transmission of western science, the Westerner despises and laughs at our Oriental civilization in all respects. They evaluate the Oriental Civilization with Western criterion compulsively. Some of scholars in China also cater to Western cultural perspective and value to evaluate Oriental civilization, and despise our Eastern civilization. This expresses one kind of diffident for our national culture in all respects. They accept the opinion deeply down from the Westerner - There is no Science in the East. In fact, the Eastern has no Science from the point of so-called West Science. The East has its own Science. The Easterner’s exploration for life over millennia has formed a mature, complete, extensive and profound system. We call it Lifeology.

The birth and proposal of Lifeology has inspired the Easterner greatly for the self-confidence of Nation and culture. We Easterner have no reason to self-abasement. The value and significance of great wisdom and culture of Eastern civilization is definitely not less than that of blessing from Western Civilization.